MEPCO Bill Check Online Latest 2023

MEPCO Bill Check Online is a free website where users can easily check their bills online. Here, people can view the amount, due date, and full detail of their recent bills. Users can easily copy the bill and take out prints of the latest bill for payment. Everyone can enter their 10-digit customer id or 10-digit reference number to check their recent Mepco electricity bill.

It is a responsive platform. Users can check their electricity bills on all Android devices. Name or CNIC is not applicable or useful for checking bills. Only the reference number or customer id is valid for this purpose. If you forget your credentials, you can view the required id or reference number from any previous bill copy.

Requirement for Saving Electricity and Decreasing Your Bill

These requirements will help you significantly reduce your bill.

  • When the mobile is fully charged, unplug the charger.
  • Minimize using energy-consuming appliances such as air conditioners, microwave ovens, electric heaters, water pumps, and washing machines.
  • Always use standard cables for wiring.
  • Use minimal electricity between 6 PM and 10 AM.
  • Use low-power consumption machines in industries.
  • Use fluorescent lamps instead of conventional lamps.
  • Always set the air conditioner thermostat at 26 degrees.
  • Turn off additional lights.

Taxes in MEPCO Bill

Fuel Price Adjustment

Fuel price adjustment included tax. MEPCO generates electricity and divides it among users. The charge for electricity is added to each user’s Mapco bill.

QTR Tariff Adjustment

This applies to commercial customers for every unit consumed and to residential customers. Suppose they consume more than 300 units. It is applied every three months.

FC Surcharge

users have to pay 43 paise for each unit in FC Surcharge to protect the debt servicing of Power Holding.

Deferred amount

You will have to pay no additional charges in the deferred amount, and your next bills can cover the amount in full or in installments.


GST stands for General Sales Tax and applies to Pepco Bill customers. This is 17% of the total bill amount.


MEPCO does a great job by offering such an amazing service to its users. With this app, you can check your MEPCO bill online. At the same time, other public service companies are lagging in this era of technology.


Can I pay my MEPCO bill online?

It is very easy for you to pay Mapco bills online as all new apps like Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, and almost all bank mobile apps permit you to pay bills online by just providing a 14-digit reference number.

How to calculate bill cost?

Calculator that helps you check the total unit cost. Calculators are based on TV fees, unit prices, taxes, full adjustment prices, and many other factors.

Is it possible to search MEPCO electricity bills by name, address, or NIC?

Users can search only by reference number or customer ID.

What is the helpline number of MEPCO?

Customers can contact MEPCO by calling Customer Services Number: 0800-63726.

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